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At Moodswing, we wear a number of different hats, from trusted advisor to media buyer to creative producer. This allows us to offer our clients a wide range of services. We are a result-oriented company, which is why we always track, measure and analyze everything we do.


Hiring Moodswing does not increase your marketing budget because we maximize the dollar value through strong creative messaging and comprehensive media buying.

Account Management

As your Agency of Record, we represent you to all prospective media suppliers. We manage your marketing budget and campaigns with strong monitoring of results. We manage all invoice and contract agreements. 


First, we ask questions, lots of questions. We need knowledge about you, your company, your competitors, and your industry We analyze your current competitive situation. We look for your strengths and the unique personality of your company and begin the telling your story through a comprehensive marketing plan.

Video Production

In 2021, video is key! No matter the medium - video is the most effective way to tell your story and help shape your brand. We specialize in custom video, from writing to post production needs - we can do it all!


Moodswing is experienced and very capable in designing digital campaigns. We work in partnership and long-standing friendship with 20eight Digital.

Media Buying

Moodswing Media is one of the very few experienced media buying agencies in Ottawa. We have successfully negotiated and placed millions of our clients’ advertising and marketing dollars across Canada and the US.


Obviously, Brad is a huge fan of radio. He has seen decades of clients’ success using the medium. Radio is more portable than ever as consumers continue to migrate to online radio sources via their desktop, table or smartphone. We have seen over and over again imaginative radio ads create a personality for a business that drives more traffic to your website. 

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